Best Mattress In A Box for 2020

Mattresses in a box have become fairly popular over the past few years. If you're anything like us, you might be rather skeptical of buying a mattress without laying on it first, right? Especially one that FedEx could bring to the door all rolled up in a box. But after a Chiropractor friend of ours recommended that we check a particular one out while shopping for a mattress for a guest room, we figured that maybe they're not so bad after all. We decided to compare the different options out there and here's the ones we found that appear to be the best in quality, value, and price.

Quality Mattresses In a Box?

Mattress quality was one of our biggest factors in making our purchase. As you may have seen around our site, we don't really do disposable for much of anything. When you buy disposable products, it costs more in the long run and has much more of a negative impact on the environment. We'll get to that later. But when you think of what a mattress is composed of, it begins to make sense that you could possibly find quality mattresses in a box. After all, have you never seen a poor quality spring mattress before? Try squishing that down into something portable.

But when you've got something like memory foam that contains so much air, it only makes sense that you could perhaps vacuum the air out of the packaging and get it to shrink down to a much smaller size and then let it re-inflate once it reaches the destination - namely your bedroom. So don't think twice about trying out one of these mattresses just because they have the ability to shrink in size due to the lack of any squeaky springs. We're sure you'll love them as much as we love ours!