Best Platform Bed Frames

There are a number of platform bed frames out there. You can easily spend thousands of dollars for a very nice wooden sculpted and chiseled model or a leather or fabric covered model. But over time the wood starts to look worn, or the leather starts peeling, or the fabric starts fading or showing stains. But when all you need is a basic platform to hold up your bed, why waste your hard earned dollars on something very few people will ever see? Unless you're planning on handing down your bed to your children or grandchildren as an heirloom, perhaps one of these great pieces will do the job for a fraction of the cost while lasting many years!

Why a Platform Bed Frame?

Some people just love box springs. If you're one of those people, don't worry, you can still typically use box springs with a number of platform bed frames. But the platform bed frame means that box springs aren't absolutely required. Think of it as better for the environment as well. A platform bed frame means that's just that much less "stuff" that has to be made and shipped when some simple slats that fit in a small box will do the job just fine and dandy!

Best Platform Bed Frame

This one is our favorite! At 14 inches tall, it doesn't sit so high like some beds that look like you might need a ladder, but not so low that you wonder if there's even a bed frame there. We love how it also has holes where you can attach a stylish headboard of your own choosing. It took us probably 25 minutes to put it together, and it was a lot cheaper and better made than what we had found at places like Ikea!

Need A Short Platform Bed Frame?

We've got you covered! This one is only six inches tall, and perfect for those who want a look where the bed doesn't appear to be taking up so much space in a room!