Two Year Old Miraculously Saves Twin Brother

Two Year Old Miraculously Saves Twin Brother (Full Video)

Have you heard about the two year old who miraculously saved his twin brother after a dresser fell on them? We've got the full video for you right here! Toddlers can be rather smart and figure out how to do things that we might otherwise think impossible. Think your home is child safe? Never underestimate the ability of a two year old to figure something out as we see right here...

Casey Neistat's Best VLOG Moments Part 1

Casey Neistat’s Best VLOG Moments

Are you a Casey Neistat fan? Have you seen all of his YouTube videos? Perhaps you'd like to take a little trip down memory lane and re-watch some of the best moments from some of his VLOGS? Well, someone on YouTube has put together a compilation of clips from some of his videos and shared them for us all to watch. Have a look for yourself!  Appearances by Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa!

2016 Apple MacBook Pro Unboxing

2016 Apple MacBook Pro Unboxing

The 2016 Apple MacBook Pro has been released! This unboxing video does a great job of showing you what comes in the box for a $3500 laptop computer. Want the best? This is definitely a very nice machine that is rather capable!

Hilarious Dad Narrates Daughter's Makeup Routine

Hilarious Dad Narrates Daughter’s Makeup Routine

This hilarious dad narrates his daughter's makeup routine. I was actually rather impressed by how much he actually knew about makeup - perhaps he watches some of her other videos to give him pointers? I guess we'll never know!

Why Apartment Investing Makes Money

Why Apartment Investing Makes Money

Why does investing in multi-family apartments make money? Grant Cardone answers your questions right here. Single family homes may sound like a great investment.  But one of the things you have to look at is the amount that you spend per unit.  For instance, if you buy an $80,000 house as a rental property, how much would a comparable apartment cost for the same monthly rental income?  For that $80,000 house, you may be able to charge $600 per month in rent.  But an apartment that rents out for that same $600 per month may only cost $15k to $20k per unit.  So you could get 4 separate apartment units for the same price you paid for that $80,000 house.  How good of a deal does that house sound like now?